Sunday, May 22, 2011

keeping up with kenya

haven't posted in several days- i know everyone is just waiting anxiously by their computer for my updates, so my apologies for withdrawal but have no fear, relief is here :) no sarcasm in that comment...none at all!  before beginning i have to tell you about the sermon at new hope today. not the whole thing, just a nugget. i feel led to share this because it relates to my kenya journey in a significant way.  a story was told about a father, daughter, and a bouncy ball. for respect to everyone's short attention spans, i will keep this story as brief and succinct as possible.  

the story begins with the little girl finding a bouncy ball, however because she is afraid she will lose it, she keeps it in her pocket.  her father suggests they go outside and play with this new treasure, however the little girl is hesitant in being so bold to remove it from her pocket, from her control.  the father then explains that this ball is meant to be bounced, it is meant to be used and enjoyed.  she finally released the ball to his hands and was amazed when he launched it in the air, watching every bounce, with each time her chanting "do it again daddy." 

in the same way, my life parallels this story.  this week was the first week kenya has actually become real to me- i have received vaccinations, filled out my application for a visa, bought a camera, researched travel tips.  admittedly, i got a little scared.  the "what if's" began to flood my mind and i caught myself wanting to keep that bouncy ball in my back pocket.  makes me think: how much of my life, of  adventure has been robbed by my own doing?  my attempts to keep life within my grips, from allowing my life to be surrendered wholeheartedly to all the possibilities trusting with full faith that my Father is there to catch me, keep me protect and also use me to my full potential?  gives me peace.  makes me excited. the most fun and most memorable moments in my life were when i let myself go to enjoy what life had to offer.  i think i just gave myself an assignment for this trip and beyond... let go, and embrace the goodness and adventure that awaits.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

interviews, immunizations, and intense workout...oh my!

no matter how old you get, shots never get anymore fun or bearable! yesterday i received FOUR, i put that in capital letters because i want your sympathy and pity for me and my pain :) i guess this is just one more way for me to be able to relate and empathize with my patients when i am on the other end of that syringe. after meeting with the nurse at passport health for a whopping 2 hours (she was a talker), i am one step closer to my trip!!!! (emphasize the exclamation marks to illustrate my enthusiasm!) 

the tally for interviews this week total 2, making a grand total of 6 interviews. yes, i am a professional interviewee, but humbled by my nerves which always seem to get me no matter how many interviews i have participated in. keep your fingers crossed and folded with prayer!

oh and for all you work out enthusiasts who are always looking for a new way to jive up your workout or just prove your complete insanity for a great body and health, i just signed up for a membership with x-fit, a certified cross-fit gym specialized in pumping you up. my sister actually introduced me to it and i immediately fell in love...well, at least as much as you can love a workout regimen. it is an intense, complete and total body workout in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your plan for the day.  

until later,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The First

this blog is a work in progress...just like me! i am new at this blog thing, don't say i didn't warn you!  i never really thought i would be one to post my life for everyone to read about--i thought, could my life really be that interesting?!  the truth is what prompted me to create a blog is my upcoming escapade to Kenya.  to bear the thought of not sharing my travels with family, friends, fellow bloggers and travel lovers would be a disservice to my purpose for this trip.  the trip is less about me, more about glorifying Him.  more to come soon...