Friday, October 21, 2011


good morning! it has been ages since i wrote last (i am sure all of you have noticed--on the edge of your seats for me to write again). i feel inspired this morning. i have the day off, and i started it with a pink ribbon bagel and hazelnut coffee from panera bread...if this combo isn't inspiring, i don't know what is!

so i am currently reading this book the me i want to be, which has been the mediator of much reflection in my life.  doesn't it make sense that each of us was created for unique purposes, but how often do we find that everything around us is working against this goal, molding us into who they think we should be?

so, i pose this question, "what makes you feel fully alive", and maybe even start thinking about if you are fulfilling the you you were meant to be?  I can guarantee you that we will all have different answers.

please share in the comments below :)

i will start, what makes me feel fully alive is when i am helping people heal, either physically or emotionally. there is absolutely nothing better in this world, to me, than being part of someone's story of healing and restoration!

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  1. i couldn't agree with you more! what makes me feel most alive is serving others and by showing/telling others about this awesome dude named Jesus that came and lived and loved.